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Workshop of Best practices of Alumni and Career Centers was held at the Ghent University in Belgium in June 2017. Over three intensive days the project team focused on deep study of the best practices of Alumni and Career centers together with a number of outstanding international experts (eg. INVE aquaculture, the University of Groningen, CASE and the University of Navarra provided detailed insights into their activities.)

Training course for the staff of Asian Alumni Centres was held in October 2017 at BOKU, Vienna University in Austria. Twenty four participants were trained over five intensive days in fields of service such as advertising, administration and internships by BOKU experts and developed a deep insight into events like Mentoring projects, Internship Days, How to Apply, Career Calling and Job Week which are traditionally held at BOKU University.

Improvement of soft skills for students and staff are ensured by training and active participation in project activities (Career Days, Training, Workshops, Guest lectures). Students enhanced their language, communication, and presentations skills. CV checks were also provided for students. During Career Days students were actively involved in the preparation of the event, thereby improving their management and organizational skills.

Guest lectures from more than 60 representatives of the professional sector relevant to various fields of study were provided at the project partners´ universities in Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand. The project SIMPLE also supported international guest lectures.

The project SIMPLE platform is a complex platform connecting project partners, academic staff, and administrative staff in universities, students and the professional sector. The main centres for this platform are the Alumni and/or Career Centres run in the Asian partner universities.

Creation or Improvement of Alumni and/or Career Centre - Alumni and Career Centres were set up in all partner universities. Career Centres use the most suitable methods for cooperation and the involvement of future employers in academic activities through contacts with graduates, platforms for cooperation with the professional sector, events and by supporting internships, lectures from practitioners and the improvement of students‘ soft skills.

Career Days were held at six universities: the Prince of Songkla University, Kasetsart University (Thailand), the Royal University of Agriculture, University of Battambang (Cambodia), Bogor University and Tadulako University (Indonesia). More than 150 major domestic and international companies doing business in the field of agriculture took part in these Career Days and over 5000 students were thus able to take this unique opportunity to establish contacts with potential employers and providers of professional internships.

Internships instruction was summarized and model documents set up with the organization of internships as a running activity by way of a follow-up to the Career Days, based on the contacts made during the Career Days. This is a long-term process, including regular contact with employers. The most common form of contact with the organisations involved are via email and face-to-face communication during organized activities.

Promotion of project SIMPLE activities during various events such as conferences (Tropentag, Tropical Biodiversity Conservation Conference), meetings (Round table - Enhancement of agro-business activities in Cambodia, Forum for Development Cooperation), workshops, Career days etc.

Project SIMPLE publications

SIMPLE study Good Practices of Alumni Centres deals with the experience of Alumni and Career Centres. A set of specific best practices are identified, supported by examples of good practices.

SIMPLE Guidelines Of Best Practice Examples for Alumni Centres provides step by step guidance for the setting up of Alumni and Career Centres.

The Action Plan for Co-operation between Alumni Centres and the Non-academic Sector provides practical information for Alumni and Career Centres.