Project SIMPLE - Erasamus+ EU programme for education

Erasmus+ Capacity Building

The project clearly addresses the Capacity Building in Higher Education Action’s objective of fostering regional and international cooperation, through the exchange of good practices among partner higher education institutions (HEIs) regionally within Asia, with respect to establishing alumni networks and centres, practical training/internships and the utilisation of Career Days by students and prospective employers. The project team has worked together on Erasmus Mundus-funded projects, and the proposed project would further already existing cooperative frameworks between partner HEIs. The project also seeks to address the Capacity Building objective of improving the quality of higher education and enhance its relevance for the labour market and society.

  • Addresses the regional priority of developing university-enterprise cooperation and employability of graduates through internships, Career Days and Platforms for Cooperation with Professional Sector and Alumni Centres. The second regional priority of international cooperation at regional level is adequately reflected in the mutual exchange of good practice and dissemination of outcomes amongst Asian partner HEIs in the team.
  • Complements existing internationalisation strategies of the target HEIs. It builds on the extensive existing partnerships between the participating HEIs in Asia and Europe.
  • Innovative in that it seeks to create new Alumni Centres, practical training, Career Days and over-arching Platforms for Cooperation with Professional Sector in the Partner Country organizations, which do not currently have these. The project’s initiatives also provide solutions to concerns raised through a previous action, the ASK Asia project, particularly in the area of practical training.