Project SIMPLE - Erasamus+ EU programme for education

Consultant - agro-economist, Feb, 2022


Junior / Mid-career consultant - agro-economist with experience in agricultural commodities, private sector development and international trade. Specific experience with ICC, ICCO and/or ICAC.


The expert should have at least 6 years of experience in these fields, including sustainable agriculture, research and analysis of commodities markets, trade policy analysis and European development cooperation.

8-10 WDs per month until end of 2023.


Description of the tasks and the deliverable(s)

1. ICO CPPTF TW 3 – “Market Policies and Institutions” subgroup “Importing countries: Policies and institutions”

1.1 Stock-taking:

  • Quick scan of current TW plans and how this matches up with Coffee Public Private Task Force (CPPTF) Problem and Vision Statement/ Theory-of-Change
  • Quick scan of current and planned work on the TW topic by private and public sector: targets, investments, regions, key actors involved
  • Identify who else would be important to invite to workstream beyond CPPTF members (academia, NGOs, producer/consumer organisations etc.) and coordinate with ICO for invitation to participate

1.2 Organise TW 3 subgroup “Importing countries: Policies and institutions”

  • Initial outreach to identified CPPTF members interested in the workstream and other interested and/or important organisations; ensure as much as possible a balance of participants across public and private (roasters and traders) geography exporting countries, type of production smallholder –plantation etc.
  • Initial incentive mapping- i.e., what does this TW mean (in action and outputs/results/impacts) for each key participant group: for producing/ importing country governments, for private sector, for third sector.
  • Organise and facilitate online meetings of the TW to discuss proposals and find agreement
  • Propose and agree with TW a lean and efficient self-organising mechanism going forward


1.3 TW commitments drawn up

  • Prepare proposals for the TW to discuss and agree on regarding initiatives, targets, commitments, and timelines of the TW
  • Identify ‘quick wins’ that align with expected outcomes and are necessary outputs but can be delivered in relative short time as already considered by TW members
  • Link up with other TWs of the CPPTF to identify synergies and avoid duplication
  • Present TW Proposal to overall CPPTF meeting (online) and collect feedback
  • Incorporate feedback into a Final TW Proposal

2. ICO CPPTF TW 1,2,3 (subgroup exporting countries), 4,5 and coordination group

The assignment consists in participating in the meetings with a view to harmonize task n.1 and find synergies to support CPPTF and ICC. Short analytical summaries are to be submitted to INTPA.F3 Task Manager.


3. Additional support with International Coffee Organization (ICO) , International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) and International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC)

Upon request by the relevant INTPA.F3 Task Manager, to prepare - or provide support to the preparation of - speaking points, briefings, analytical notes, and reports linked with the coffee, cocoa and cotton sectors and linked with the participation of DG INTPA in the ICO, ICCO and ICAC (+ WTO/Cotton) statutory and committee meetings.

  • Prepare the first draft of the EU position for statutory meetings: review meeting documentation and draft an EU position on the relevant agenda items
  • Prepare EU speeches/briefings/analytical reports/internal notes related to the participation in statutory and non-statutory meetings on the coffee, cocoa, and cotton sectors
  • Support Task Managers with other technical and non-technical aspects of their work on coffee, cocoa and cotton, as needed.

Send CV to ASRAFS Team Leader