Project SIMPLE - Erasamus+ EU programme for education

Training course for staff of Asian Alumni Centres (BOKU, Austria)

Training course for staff of Asian Alumni Centres (BOKU, Austria) was held 9-13 October 2017 at BOKU University at Austria. Twenty four participants were trained during five intensive days in the fields of services (for alumni, students and companies), advertising, administration and internships by BOKU experts and got deep insight into events like Mentoring project, Internship day, How to apply, Career calling or Job week which are traditionally held at BOKU University. Valuable knowledge and practical training about social media and networking via  LinkedIn and Facebook were presented during four hours by Natascha Ljubic. Project SIMPLE was also honored by speech of Prof. Martin Gerzabek, Rector of BOKU University Vienna during the second day of the Training.

Practical experiences with cooperation between academic and professional sector were not only from academic point of view but also from perspective of EBER GROUP presented by Brigit Leither and Franz Waxenecker; who represented group of companies which are actively cooperating with academic sector at international level. Participants got feedback also from students and discuss their perspective for cooperation with professional sector.

Final part of the Training was focused on team working, participants were actively presenting and working together to create the best activities for the project SIMPLE. Fruitful Training officially launched the second year of the project and gained experiences will contribute to active and successful Alumni and Career Centres.