Project SIMPLE - Erasamus+ EU programme for education

Dissemination of SIMPLE project in Moldova

Two fruitful meetings of SIMPLE project coordinators Dr. Petra Chaloupková and Jana Mandíková with Dr. Alexander Kandakov representative of  project Support and Assistance to the Social Sector of Moldova (SASSM) was held on 23rd April and 16th May 2019. Experiences of the SIMPLE project and the best practices for high quality internships implementation were discussed and SIMPLE project materials (Action plan for co-operation between Alumni Centres and the Non-academic sector, Internships documents) were shared for further use for the SASSM project, which is running since 2017 till 2019 within non-govermental organisation - Caritas Czech Republic. This meetings supported wide dissemination of SIMPLE project activities outside project partner countries and will bring improvement of cooperation between academic and professional sector also in Moldova.